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*When signing up for this site you agree to our Terms and Conditions regarding the actions against Volkswagen. Furthermore, it is understood that you read these conditions and fully agreed with them. Additionally your consent empowers Corpocon to act for and on your behalf in accordance with the mandate to take command if necessary in all legal proceedings and you acknowledge that you only joined this claim-initiative with exclusive claim-rights given to only CCL BV, not a second or any other claim-party

What is OUR claim about?

Corpcon Legal Ltd Europe is leading a claim on behalf of the largest group of affected car owners, whether individuals or businesses.

Before you can buy a car it must pass various tests designed to ensure it is fit for use.  These include things like crash-testing and road handling but also, crucially, emissions testing. 
These tests are the same throughout Europe. 

The testing process relies heavily on the honesty of manufacturers: often the tests are carried out ‘in-house’ and only observed by independent inspectors. Over the past twenty years, the maximum permitted levels of various pollutants have been steadily reduced by a series of regulations known as the ‘Euro’ standard. Beginning at Euro 1, and ending (in all likelihood) with the current Euro 6.  The Euro 5 standard (introduced in 2009) included a significantly lower limit for the production of NOx by diesel vehicles than previous iterations of the rules, and it is these rules that Volkswagen breached.

When we buy a car, we trust that the information provided to us by manufacturers is true. 
It is clear to us (and to the industry experts that we have spoken to) that:

  1. an EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) system does form part of a vehicles ‘emission control system’;
  2. the vehicles were fitted with ‘defeat devices’ on purpose which allowed them to appear to pass emissions tests; and
  3. the vehicles did not (and still do not / april 2018) meet the regulatory requirements necessary to register and sell a car in the UK, because the levels of NOx emitted are considered to bedangerous to public health.

After the 100% forced recognition of VW's liability, now a fact, it is VW's responsibility to actually compensate the following damage claims in real terms and not to delay retiring experts or insurers to train this process in the coming period:

We are committed to the following:

  • Remove software from the car, costs involved to compensate the victim, claim 2nd opinion costs at VW and compensation correspondingly reasonable damage costs (replacement car costs etc.)
  • Claims handling due to deception upon purchase, thus dissolution of the purchase agreement or an amicable route to settle the damage, to be made with the victim, up to 25% compensation of the purchase price of the car in question.
  • Compensation of all legal and damage costs to make the claims.
  • Compensation of, among other things, the depreciation of the car to an additional 10-15% of the car.