Which engines are involved in the fraud?

Volkswagen started the fraud in 2015. It has been announced that Volkswagen has provided at least the 1.6 TDI and 2.0 TDI of the fraud software. However, it is likely that other engines (1.9 TDI, 1.2 TDI and 3.0 TDI) are also part of the fraud. Because no registration fee is due, we encourage everyone with a TDI engine to file a claim.

Is it only about Volkswagen?

It is very likely that other brands of the VAG group are also involved in the fraud. Many engines are exchanged within the group. That is why it pays for owners of SKODA, SEAT, AUDI and even PORSCHE and BMW to sign up.

Do I have to pay registration fee?

No, unlike other initiatives, we will not charge registration fees to our participants. The main reason is that we want to give as many people as possible the opportunity to file a claim.

What to do if my car is not in the list?

By using the online form you can select your car. If your car does not appear in this selection, it makes no sense to file a claim. However, you may send us an email with the details of your vehicle and details of the defect. If there are more people with similar complaints, we can decide to take these complaints with you. info@emission-compensations.eu

How is my privacy?

Your claim remains anonymous. Only if the compensation is paid, it may be that we have to hand over your details to the other party. However, we will only do this after you have been informed of this and have not objected to this. Your data will only be used and saved for the purpose for which you have given it. You will not receive offers or messages from third parties.

What exactly does No Cure No Pay mean?

We conduct this business mainly on the basis of No-Cure No-Pay. That means, if we can not successfully recover a compensation, you do not pay anything. If we succeed in obtaining compensation, we will receive a maximum of 30% of the compensation you have obtained. The costs of financing this claim are high, hence this 30%. Of course, the vast majority of the compensation will be paid to you, the victim.

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