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Our initiative VW Emission-Compensations.EU  was founded inSeptember  2015 and is the first proven European emission mass claim initiative. Our organisation and efforts uses Dutch Law that gives all EU citizens mass claim potential and jurisdiction.

The objects of our company is to represent the interests of Volkswagen / Seat / Audi and Skoda car owners who suffered damage and are a victim of a neglect of EU Parliament. Our efforts are tremendous even though the VW Lobby has already spent millions of euro’s to deny EU-victims of their huge fraud and scams.

Global Solution

We are a team of international experts establishing a global alliance against the illegal actions of Volkswagen.

No Cost

All costs are covered by the Foundation. In the event of a settlement it’s your choice to accept the result or opt-out.


For registered users we request a waiver from Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda & Seat.

Litigation on a No Cure No Pay

We work on a ‘ no cure no pay ‘ . This means that it costs no money to file your claim . The costs we incur to represent your interests are advanced by ourselves. If we manage to get a compensation for you to ensure we receive a success fee of 15 % of the damages.

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